He had blood on his hands when I walked in that day. Though it should have drove me far from wanting anything to do with my illustrious boss, instead, it forced me to look closer.

Too close.

It started as a simply infatuation. Dark hair, deep green eyes and a dominance about him that left everyone paying attention, but that was only the beginning. Things got off track the moment I let myself look beyond what I could truly see and explain.

Thus began the unfolding of Equilibrium.

I have no clue what part I will play in the powerful structure set up to maintain the balance between good and evil. All I know is that the epicenter of all power has passed away and someone must take his place.

I can only hope that it’s not me. I’m not prepared for such a journey, nor will I ever be. I don’t even believe in good and evil. But somehow the truth remains… I have no choice in what’s to come. None of us do.

The Core is missing and the position will not go unfilled.


With the truth of Ellie’s place among the Balance Keepers finally coming to light, training now begins. She must learn to harness the powers that are growing within her, some spiraling out of control. Confusion and frustration become her constant companions, as her search for answers does nothing but push her further from the man she’s come to love.

David is The Light, the speaker of truth, the whisperer of good in the world. His desire for more than he can have with his new apprentice tears at the fabric of his own stability, bit by bit. He knows what the future holds — and just how damning it will be for Ellie if she’s not prepared to handle it — but he’s forbidden to help.

As tragedy becomes reality, will she reach for The Light, or run into the soothing arms of The Darkness?


After spending quality time with David, learning the gifts of the light, Ellie is assured of one thing, her heart might just break before it’s all over. She can’t seem to help herself from being drawn deeply in a web between him and the darkness.

Her journey with Sandra to learn the gifts of the future is healing and gives her a sense of solidity, but the search for how Jacob might be involved in Equilibrium is her next great feat, one that won’t be easy to accept.

Having far exceeding anything they thought her capable of, Ellie works now to discern a foreign entity that seems to have slipped into her world alone. Who is he and why is he wearing David’s face?


Darkness seems to crowd in tight as Ellie tries to keep her head above the storm. Jacob’s struggle to fight back whatever had him locked in a coma leaves her feeling more alone than ever before. To reach for Victor or David seems trite and leaves her more confused than she’s willing to admit.

As her time with Veronica unfolds, she learns new truths about how Equilibrium came to be, where it draws it strength and why this new entity is hell-bound on destroying them.

With no one in the present to trust, Ellie runs to the past and finds refuge in the arms of the one who was called to ignite Equilibrium.


The final book in the Equilibrium Series…

Ellie’s time of learning the light and understanding the foundation of Equilibrium is over. The darkness has demanded her full attention, and won’t accept anything less.

No one can help her in the next battle but the remaining member of her group – Victor.

As they race against the clock and the end grows near, she will have to learn some hard lessons, including how to love without losing herself. With David watching from the sidelines, it’s time for the Core to make her decision and stand at the forefront of the battle between the light and the darkness.

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